OPUS Magazine

A Voice for the Students at The University of Newcastle Australia. Opus Magazine is the only independently student-run publication at the University of Newcastle, Australia. It is published by the University of Newcastle Student Association (UNSA), the body of student representation at the University of Newcastle. In 2020 I was employed as a graphic designer by UNSA. Through this role I have created multiple issues of the OPUS Magazine and various associated collateral. 


Upon commencing this role as graphic designer, there was not previously a designated designer present, this role was shared between the editor and various contributing students. The issue surrounding this was lack of continuity between each issue and no branding or style being present. My aim was to rectify this issue and create clean and consistent designs that flow between each publication. Firstly I started with the font selection, there was an abundance of fonts being thrown around before I commenced the role, many illegible or not suited to a publication as such. I opted for a few simple sans serif fonts to allow for clarity and legibility across the board. Occasionally different script and stylistic fonts are used dependant upon the content being presented to add flare, but for the most part a san serif was all that was needed. From here I established some easily re-usable layout concepts and silhouette style illustrations, particularly to be applied to the editors and presidents letters. These two factors alone created a nice base for a total overhaul of the magazine. Along with some custom vector illustrations and document layout adjustments I was able to create an entirely new vibe. Aside from student submissions and contributions, the magazine now has consistency throughout each issue since the changes were implemented.