2020 University of Newcastle Graduation Show Report and Identity​

The 2020 Grad Show was seeking a contemporary visual identity to represent the collective third year Visual Communication Design Degree Graduates. The aim of the design was to attract industry professionals and University Partners. I was asked to establish a versatile but consistent visual identity for the 2020 Grad Show. The deliverables were a style guide inclusive of identity/logo/wordmark/colours, format and layout, fonts and image treatment. Along with the identity, I was asked to apply my concept to a report based upon the 2019 graduates responses to a survey. 

The report’s design was aimed to inspire the reader to engage with the content. Many reports are overwhelming or even boring, the challenge was to inspire the reader to turn to the next page. For my 2020 Grad Show Identity concept I chose to include a colour palette that encompasses the colours of Newcastle and it’s beaches. It’s a vibrant and playful twist on the golden sand and crystal clear waters and sky. The colours contrast well, allowing for excellent readability regardless of the combination. The 2020 Grad Show type faces were chosen due to their accessibility and also the legibility. Legibility is key when it comes to branding, particularly way finding. Overall my style guide along with it’s additional iconography in illustration addressed the brief thoroughly and this was reflected within my feedback. Unfortunately my design was not selected to be used as the 2020 grad show Identity however, I still loved this opportunity.