Lace Design Co.

We are Lace Design Co. A boutique design house based on the sunny shores of Newcastle. 
Just like our beautiful city, our design style is coastal, luxe and not afraid to have a little fun. 

In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t like the constraints of red tape.

We prefer the collaborative approach of independent labels over heavy heads of big players. 

We love working with the dreamers,  the do-ers and the trailblazers,
in the hope that we can make the world a little more delightful.

Brand Refresh

The whole shebang.
We’ll take your brand and give it a
modern-day makeover, while still
being true to who you are.

Graphic Design

For pre-existing businesses
wanting on-brand collateral.
Think print media and digital.
You name it, we can do it!

Social Media Content

Grabbing the attention of your audience
in a busy social sphere can be hard.

We design scroll-stopping  custom graphics that will increase engagement and build trust with your people.

What we do.

Your business is what you do.
Your brand is why people love you.


We’ll take your business and turn it into a brand people want a piece of.

Afterall, design is the first impression people have of your brand. 

Hop Shop Craft Brewing Co

2020 Visual Communication Design major work. Established in 2020 The Hop Shop is a conceptual Independent Australian brewery located on the sunny shores of Newcastle NSW.

The Newcastle Hotel

A multifaceted club venue with a whole lot to offer. Dj’s, Live Music, Karaoke, Craft Beer, Fried Chicken and Accommodation.
A vibrant location needing some vibrant advertisements.

Façon Magazine

Façon is a high-end fashion magazine, creative
agency and events company.
Since 2018 I have been providing my expertise in the roll of their In-house Graphic Designer.

Client love